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We are a company based in Portugal, coming from a generation of various families who have been producing wood-burning ovens and barbecues since 1936. Our team of technicians and craftsmen of woodfire and pizza ovens is professional, dynamic and multilingual, strengthened by people specialized in marketing and sales. Our job is to keep innovating our products in order to satisfy the needs of our costumers. We want to advise and inform them about the choices between our stone or brick barbecues and our wood ovens.

We are owners of several design registers from our wood ovens and barbecues. We are innovators in design, as well as in quality and solidity. We use high quality raw materials, bricks and 100% refractory stones. We know that design is no good without the right materials and materials are no good without the right design. We marry the two to bring you the best of both worlds that is second to none. Our goal is to manufacture the best wood ovens and barbecues on the market.

A woodfire oven or a brick barbecue can be custom made. After working for a long time with retailers, we now sell our own woodfire ovens, brick and stone barbecues directly from the factory to your adress. The way we want to reach you and show you our products, is our website. With our website, we want to reach you and show our products.

We ship to the entire European Union for free, except for countries outside the European Community. In those countries, we work exclusively with distributors.

IMPORTANT: When you choose a woodfire oven, stone or brick barbecue, please read that this is completely your decision and responsibility.


Orders during the following months can be delayed due to high orders volume. June,July and August.

MisterOvens has no patents on the woodfired ovens but they are DESIGN REGISTERED. Because of this register, the design is limited to a few insignificant differences.

Misterovens guarantees the quality of the raw materials, which will affect the price. The materials that we use affects the price of each product. The difference in purchase price of a brick, stone, clay or 100% refractory cement is very important. Price differences can be done at the expense of this. A woodfired non-insulated pizza oven could crack, and you will need to provide shelter and insulation before use. It is very important to know this before buying. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, it will certainly not bother you, and also include in your purchase the costs of return for good insulation, cement, rockwool, or ceramic fiber, for example. MisterOvens wants to keep you informed of this.

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