Outdoor Portable Pizza Oven Montana EVO


The Outdoor Wood fired oven Montana EVO, was the oven selected for the Neapolitan Pizza Championship which in itself is a statement of its quality. With a stainless steel ceramic fiber insulation it has an interior which will allow the oven to maintain the heat for a longer period time.  The oven also comes with a 5 year anti deformation warranty and a 10 year anti oxidation.  
The Montana EVO is the best and only alternative to the 500 kg wood burning ovens in the market while having the same performance being capable of cooking up to 2 pizzas of 30 cm in one batch. 
Along with the oven we have included a oven wood cover and a 30 cm in diameter pizza peel. 
All you need to do to use the wood fired oven is, install the oven, assemble the chimney and you too are ready to start cooking and become in one evening the King of the Neapolitan pizza.
Another of Mister Ovens creation
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  • Wood Fired Oven Montana EVO

    The Outdoor portable wood fired pizza oven Montana EVO with an all stainless steel construction weighing only 59kg and with a cooking area of 60 x 60 x 30 cm makes it the lightest wood fired oven in the world. This oven also counts with a slight slope in the back giving it a higher than average heat retention and isolation.
    Along with this the oven also has a refractory stone flooring, a laser cut-out and weld jointing construction aswell as overall visible and invisble reinforcements in the steel making the Montana EVO a strong, sturdy and efficient wood fired oven in addition to its light weight and inovative designed making it ideal for street vendors and one of the best stainless steel ovens as proven by Pizzaiolos champions, chefs and caterers who used it during events.

    The goal of designing such an oven was to create a light weight stainless steel oven without sacraficing efficiency making it as good as a regular brick oven. Montana has been thoroughly worked and tested to achieve the desired results and to deny the common misconception regarding steel ovens.

    The outdoor portable wood fired pizza oven MONTANA EVO is shipped with everything you need.

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    Delivery in a truck with liftgate and pallet truck

    10 years warranty oxidation resistance
    5 years warranty anti-deformation

    Expected delivery time after payment confirmation, 8 to 12 days.

    Product Details

    • Stainless steel AISI 304

    • Ceramic fiber

    • Electrostatic powder painting

    • Thermal Ceramic Glass

    • Refractory Bricks (4)

    • Wood handle

    • Thermometer 500ºC

    • Stainless Steel Chimney and Cap

    • Door with security system

    • Duly Reinforced

    • Total Weight: 59 kg (with bricks)

    • Precision cut pieces with laser technology

    • Tig welding

    • Handmade stainless steel finishing

    • Dimensions 70x70x52 cm

    • Cooking area 60x60x30 cm

    • Door Dimensions 53 x 22 cm

    • Glass Dimensions 31 x 7 cm

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