Outdoor Wood Fired Oven Panis


The outdoor wood fired oven Panis thanks to its superior and inferior heat retention capabilities, makes it a very fuel efficient oven, combustion is reduced by 40% in comparison with a regular oven, with 10 kg of dry wood the Panis oven can reach temperatures of 350ºC. This is the first oven with na aluminum steel front. The oven doesn’t require any type of cover since its resistant to the rain, snow and adverse climate.
The raw materials used to build the Panis Oven are of European norms & regulation and non polluting.
The Panis oven allows for two types of cooking styles, with the door open or closed.With the Panis you can bake bread/pastry, cook pizza, meat, fish and all sorts of other dishes. Comes wit cart/stand.
  • Shipping & Warranty:
    • Free Shipping
    • Delivery in a truck with lift-gate and pallet
    • Expected delivery time after payment confirmation, 8 to 12 days
    • 2 Years Warranty 
    Product Details:
    • Weight: 70kg W/ Bricks
    • Material: Stainless Steel 304 & 430
    • Fuel Type: Wood
    • Features: Portable/Refractory Bricks/Reinforced/Electrostatic Powder Finish/Ceramic Fiber/Aluminum Front
    • Wood Handle
    • Made In: Portugal
    • Oven Dimensions W/O Chimney: 62.5×60.5×41.5 cm
    • Oven Dimensions W/ Chimeny: 62.5x60.5×97 cm
    • Door Dimensions: 42×22.5 cm
    • Glass Dimensions: 14×4 cm
    • Cooking Area: 52x52x28.5 cm