Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven Montana PRO


Wood fired oven Montana ProMontana PRO wood fired oven for any type of use, Montana PRO was the oven selected for the Neapolitan Pizza Championship. All in stainless steel and insulated with ceramic fiber for an interior height of 36 cm. This fired wood oven maintains the heat for a long time. Montana PRO is the only and best alternative to the 500 kg wood burning ovens, While having the same performance, example 6 or 7 pizzas of 30 cm in one batch. This wood fired oven is unique in the world. Used during events by pizzaiolos and others, you also become in one evening the King of Neapolitan pizza. This says a lot or all about it’s quality, the Neapolitan pizza is difficult since cooking is very demanding.
One more creation of MISTEROVENS
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  • Outdoor Wood fired pizza oven Montana PRO is exclusive of Misterovens

    All in stainless steel, very strictly insulated with ceramic fiber. A cooking area 90 x 87 x 30 cm is 9 refractory stones each (30 x 30 x 3 cm)
    Renowned pizzaiolos, chefs, caterers and individuals speak magnificently about the Montana Pro on the social networks. Indeed this wood fired oven is easily manageable to move it or the passage of a door. It will be enough to incline it since it has a dimension in height that of 30 cm. Everything was thought to facilitate its transport and its maneuverability to move even in the narrowest places. Without the refractory stones its weight is only 109 kg. With refractory stones the total weight is 169 kg. This oven is an alternative to the 500 kg and more ovens. The maintenance of the heat will obviously not be the same in time. It will be sufficient to monitor the combustion of wood and you can cook everything. Reinforcements inside and outside allow the oven does not deform at very high temperature and the guarantee ensures that. The burning of the wood is very slow. The slope from the top to the bottom allows an important maintenance of the heat. Laser cut-outs, welded jointing, refractory stone flooring, visible and invisible reinforcements. The Montana Pro is a stong outdoor wood fired pizza oven, sturdy and efficient wood fired oven in addition to its innovative design. The goal of designing such an oven, despite prejudging that a stainless steel oven is not as efficient as a brick oven. We have denied these ideas although the outdoor wood fired pizza oven. Montana has been enormously worked and tested to achieve the desired results


    1 meter extension and cap 

    A thermometer ( 0 to 500°c )
    Stainless steel door


    • Stainless steel oven
    • 5 cm ceramic fiber insulation
    • 9 refractory stones (30 x 30 x 3 cm)
    • 1 meter chimney extension and cap
    • Stainless steel door
    • Thermometer ( 0 to 500°c ) temperature
    • Free shipping 
    • Delivery in a truck with liftgate and pallet truck
    • Transport insurance
    • 2 years warranty

    Wood Fired Oven

    • Oven capacity: 3/4 pizzas  ± 30 cm Ø
    • Fits 3/4 large oven dishes

    Oven dimensions

    • External dimensions: 100 x 100 x 55 cm
    • Internal dimensions:  90 x 87 cm x 33
    • Weight: 169 kg with stones

    Stainless Steel


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