Outdoor Wood Pizza Oven Montana SPAZIOSO


Calling all Pizzaiolos!
Chosen to perform in the Neapolitan Pizza Championship cookings and bought by the Neapolitan Pizza Association, the Montana SPAZIOSO is big enough to cook up to 3/4 pizzas of 30 cm in one batch, with a cooking time of 52 seconds, while remaining light, easy to assemble and transport.
Montana SPAZIOSO is the best and only alternative to the 500 kg wood-burning ovens in the market turning it into the perfect choice for street food sales and professional chefs.
With a stainless steel ceramic fiber insulation it has an interior that prevents heat loss maintaining the high temperatures and performance for a long period of time.
Although designed to fit the pizzaiolo’s needs, the Montana Spazioso is also versatile: anything you can cook in your kitchen, you can cook in the Montana Spazioso.




  • Shipping & Warranty:
    • Free Shipping
    • Delivery in a truck with lift-gate and pallet
    • 2 years warranty
    Product Details:
    • Weight: 159kg W/ Bricks
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Fuel Type: Wood
    • Features: Portable/Refractory Bricks/Reinforced/Electrostatic Powder Finish/Ceramic Fiber
    • Wood Handle
    • Made In: Portugal
    • Oven Dimensions W/O Chimney: 100x100x52 cm
    • Oven Dimensions W/ Chimeny: 100x100x152 cm
    • Door Dimensions: 77×22.5 cm
    • Cooking Area: 90x87x33 cm
    • Stand is NOT included


    Woodfired Oven Montana

    Safety instructions and use


    Keep children and pets at a safe distance while the oven is hot.

    During operation the oven will reach high temperatures.

    Use heat resistant protective gloves when handling accessories and dishes. Never put your hand (s) or arm in the oven when it is on.

    Make sure there is no combustible material within reach of your minimum 15cm oven.

    Do not close the oven door while heating. Closing the door could create overheating and cause the stainless steel to expand. The door is only used for low heat cooking.

    Do not modify the oven in any way, it has been designed and tested in its design and must remain original to ensure warranty.

    Do not burn plastic objects or flammable liquids on it.

    Fuel Guidelines
    Always use seasoned wood, never treated, softwood or painted wood.
    Use very little wood, the oven heats up quickly (see lighting instructions).

    Lighting Instructions

    1 – Place small logs in the middle of the refractory stone, towards the bottom of the oven. Put a fire starter under the logs.

    2 – In 10 minutes the oven will reach 300º to 350ºC. Maintain little wood by fueling the combustion log by log. It takes 35 to 40 minutes for the stone to store heat. This is done over time eg heating at 500º for 10 minutes is useless and dangerous because the stone will not be hot enough and the oven could deform due to overheating.

    3 –The vents in the door control the amount of air and animate the fire, the air flow valve in the chimney tube controls the flow of smoke.

    - A damp cloth with washing up liquid will be sufficient for cleaning the outside of the oven, but always COLD. The alloy being stainless steel 304 its cleaning is easy. 
    - Ashes can serve as a seal when they get lodged between the stones. The stones can just be cleaned with a brush. For grease or other stains, the stone will clean itself naturally with the fire and heat, it is necessary to avoid scratches and liquid cleaners which will have no effect. The humidity will create a thermal shock and will crack the stone (s). 
    - The use of WD-40 or paraffin wax, when you have decided not to use the oven for several weeks is a plus. Put on a cloth and apply especially on the front of the oven, this will prevent any type of oxidation. Do this with the oven cold and do not light without making sure that these highly flammable products have evaporated. 
    - When not in use, the oven will age better with a cover, tarpaulin or covered room protection. 
    - Do not use any cleaner containing turpentine or xylene acids. 
    - Do not use a wire brush or abrasive cleaner, you may scratch the oven.
    - Make sure before lighting that the stone is dry, the refractory absorbs moisture, and a thermal shock which will break the stone will be inevitable. (If wet place the stone in your electric oven at 280ºC for 30 minutes it will dry it completely).
    Guarantee conditions
    Warranty claims will only be valid upon presentation of the purchase receipt or invoice.
    The warranty covers damage to the oven within 30 days of the date of purchase and only if the oven has not yet been turned off. Expansions and ripples in stainless steel ovens are a common occurrence and are therefore not covered by the warranty. Free repair advice will be given in each case.
    The warranty is considered void in the following cases:
    - small defects and slight imperfections, because the manufacture requires a lot of manual work. Montana’s are handcrafted designs therefore a slight stripe or small flaw appearances aore normal. A slight chipping of paint under the oven or edges are things that adjust very easily and in a handcrafted design it is difficult to have industrial perfection like the ones made by robot machines.
    - for a guarantee during the delivery it is necessary to respect our delivery conditions. 
    - unpack the oven in the presence of the delivery man and note the problems observed in the delivery note, and take pictures. Transport insurance only works on these conditions. 
    We will therefore only be able to compensate you if these conditions are met. (The delivery man being in a hurry or the person receiving the package not the same as the buyer will not be a sufficient argument to the insurer.)
    - deformation or ripple inside the oven due to overheating. The difference in color of the stainless steel due to overheating is evident to the naked eye.
    - faults resulting from improper use or incorrect installation;
    - color change, corrosion and formation of oxidation resulting from exposure to atmospheric agents or inappropriate use of chemicals; 
    - defects resulting from physical alteration, improper or intentional damage; 
    - damage resulting from a lack of regular maintenance following long use; 
    - damage caused by transport; (IMPORTANT: SEE CONDITIONS)
    - damage resulting from circumstances beyond our control;
    - normal wear of parts or shock, such as glass acessories, door handle, stones, thermometer;
    - costs of assembly and delivery of parts under warranty;
    - damage resulting from professional use (restaurants, food truck, events, etc.) unless the manufacturer is advised of the professional use so that he can draw up an estimation because some modifications of reinforcements and stainless steel thicknesses will be necessary for this professional use. 
    - the warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of damaged parts resulting from normal use and maintenance.
    Ovens purchased from resellers, partners or specialist stores have the same warranty conditions These have knowledge of the same delivery and warranty conditions.


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